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What To Expect

Social sleuthing
The Isklander games are designed for teams of up to 6 players (multiple team games can be played at once). It’s recommended that each party has access to a computer*, with one person sharing their screen with the team. No additional software is needed, and players can share a computer locally or remotely. Teammates work together as they use the internet to hunt for clues, crack codes and discover passwords to piece the story together.

A multimedia interactive experience
Part puzzle game, part escape room, and part immersive theater, Isklander is unlike anything out there. Using a mix of live operators, pre-recorded footage, newsreels, phone messages, and other fourth-wall breaking surprises, Isklander is a one of a kind experience.

*Desktop or laptop computers only. Google Chrome is the recommended browser. The games are not designed for phones, tablets, or other browsers.

1. Choose your game

The games tell a chronological story, so we recommend playing them in order, starting with Part I: Plymouth Point. Playing the entire trilogy in order reveals the overarching narrative and leads to a thrilling finale.

However, if you want to dip in and out, you could choose which experience sounds the most exciting to you:

Part I: Plymouth Point is a missing person hunt
Part II: The Mermaid’s Tongue is an art heist
Part III: The Kindling Hour is a corporate espionage thriller

2. Add a little extra

Why not add on our COMPETE bolt on. Gamify your experience with point scoring and a company-wide leaderboard for £8pp + VAT extra per person.

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